Walking in the Rain | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Walking in the Rain

Walking is fun. Honestly, I find walking fun, even if it is just me and the dogs. Being out in the fresh air is just so nice, cathartic even. One day last week I was excited all day for my working day to end and I could get out with the dogs for a walk. It was raining. It didn’t look like it would stop raining. I went anyway.

I am a firm believer in the old adage that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”. So, I dressed accordingly in my Meindl waterproof walking boots*, my Henri Lloyd marine trousers (showerproof), a fleece jacket and my North Face raincoat. I topped off my outfit with my leather “cowboy” hat that does a fantastic job of keeping the rain off.

Walking in the Rain | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Even when it’s raining you can find a beautiful shot

I don’t mind the rain at all. As a runner, I will run, happily, in the rain. So walking in the rain isn’t an issue either.

A good hour-long walk through woods, alongside recently harvested fields and back through town was enjoyed.

Wet, not damp

But, I was wet. Not damp. Wet.

Let’s start with the good bit. My feet were toasty warm and bone dry thanks to my Meindl boots.

The almost good was that although my North Face jacket was soaked my fleece jacket underneath was not – thus my upper body was warm and dry.

My pants, that was the bad bit. These marine trousers are warm, they have stretch to them and I used to think they were fairly good at repelling water. A light shower maybe. Not full-on rain for an hour. My legs were drenched. The worse bit was that due to the weight of things in the pockets of my jacket (keys, wallet and water bottle) this created a funnel-like effect of the water running down off the front. It funnelled the water straight to my netherregions and thus my boxer shorts were soaked too!

Walking in the Rain | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
My damp kit, where it lay after stripping as soon as I walked through the front door

Despite this thorough semi-soaking, I was still smiling. I really enjoyed the fresh air and the time to myself. The dogs enjoyed their walk plus, as Helen was at work and all the girls were at dance class, my absence from home affected nobody.

* These boots were gifted for a review earlier in the year

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