5 of the Best Walking Holiday Destinations in the World

For so long, we Brits have enjoyed a summer holiday. Whether it is jetting off to relax on a beach in Europe for a week or flying away to a faraway land for a real adventure. More and more people are choosing adventure holidays too, with walking holidays becoming a popular choice for many. As it is slowly creeping up as one of the most desired holidays, only behind city breaks and culture trips, here are some of the best spots around the world to enjoy a walking holiday. If you’re an active family, then it is something that you’ll love.


Rainbow Mountains, Peru

This is more of a trek rather than a walk, so definitely for those that are more experienced, but it is a trek not to be missed. There are some stunning deserted mountain paths that are in rainbow colours, as the name suggests. The pièce de résistance is that you finish up the week long walk but visiting Machu Picchu, something many keen walkers will have on their bucket list. 

Italian Alps

The Alps are a winter sports dream come the winter, when they’re covered in snow. But by the summer, they are walkers’ dreams with many different routes to take. In fact, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even consider taking one of the Giro d’Italia tours to cycle around and see more. Then you could experience the Alps, the Dolomites, and the Apennines all on the same tour. 

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a beautiful city to explore, and it is unlike most other cities that you will have visited before. But to make the most of it, take the journey a little deeper by heading into the countryside and exploring the Naeroyfjord region. There are mountains to climb and a whole lot of stunning scenery to enjoy.


Scottish Highlands

This is a walking area that can be spent doing two different things. You could be exploring the Loch Lomond area, which is a large freshwater Loch. Not only is there hiking in this area of the National Park, but there is swimming and fishing, for those that are feeling brave enough to face the mixed bag that is Scotland’s weather forecast! You could also explore Glencoe, which shows you the more rugged Scotland, seeing the history of the area as well as the traditional culture. 

Lake District, UK

For something a little closer to home, you really can’t beat the Lake District for a walking holiday. You might not get the weather, like you might in some of these other locations, but the views are amazing, and there are many hikes and trails to choose from. It works for families of all ages, and of course, you can make the most of the lakes too, with boat trips, swimming, and watersports in between. It can get busy in summer, so going off-peak can often be better if you prefer the solace.

Have you got a favourite walking holiday destination? It would be great to hear what you think.

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