Spring Forward

I love. No, I LOVE the day the clocks go forward. Spring is that time of year when the nights really start to become longer and the weather is definitely warming up. Here’s why I love it so much.
Longer Days

I’m not sure whether I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but during the short winters days, I find myself with less energy and motivation. The dawn of spring when those days edge ever wider is like breaking the ice for me. I suddenly wake up and I have motivation and energy.

More Time

So with the longer days and the motivation as mentioned above, I seem to get more done. That’s because the longer days does seem to create more time. Afterall, doing things in daylight is much more enjoyable than in the dark, isn’t it?


I become a much more positive person in spring and summer. I think the reasons above might explain that a little.


You know I love photography. And, in spring and summer those lovely long, bright days make for some great photo opportunity. I’m not saying it makes it easier, just more enjoyable.

Family Time

With the longer days, we find that we spend more time together, especially outdoors. I look forward to being able to set off for a summers evening walk with the girls and the dogs after tea.

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