How To Stay Sane During Lockdown | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

How To Stay Sane During Lockdown

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you feel like you are off track and a bit all over the place. When you have plans and you’re excited for the summer ahead, having to stay home and abide by lockdown rules can feel frustrating. Yet, this is something that we’re all going through and […]

10k A Day in May | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

19 Day. 129 miles. Why?

Some 19 days ago I decided on a whim to run 10k (6.2 miles) every day in May to raise money for Versus Arthritis. Now, as I approach the two-thirds point of the challenge I thought I’d drop a little update. Before I launch into the trials and tribulation of running 10k every day I […]

Running from The Walking Dead | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running from the Walking Dead

Last night I found myself doing something I never imagined doing. I had to chuckle to myself as I plodded away, step after step. It was an experience but one that I deemed necessary. Running on the treadmill can be a monotonous experience sometimes. Especially when you are staring at the back of the garage […]

10k A Day In May | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

10k A Day In May!

A challenge has to be challenging – especially if you’re going to ask people to donate to charity in return for your efforts. That’s why I am taking on a big challenge this month – to run a 10k every day in May! Originally I was running the Blackpool marathon on 26th April to raise […]

A Sub-20 Minute 5K | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Sub-20 Minute 5K

The sub-20 minute 5K is one of the holy grails of running. Of course, it’s at the opposite end o the spectrum from a sub-3 hour marathon but it’s no less of a challenge for most runners. It’s a goal I’ve had on my mind for a while without ever really training to do it […]

Making Plans During Lockdown | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Making Plans During Lockdown

It’s so hard to do anything with all of this uncertainty, isn’t it? We know that life will one day return to normal. But, we also know that it might be a slow process and that things might not be exactly as they were until a COVID-19 vaccine has been found. Until then, we’re bound […]