3 Classic TV Programmes Every Parent Should Show Their Kids!

A lot of people think watching TV is a bad thing for kids. I agree to some extent, but I think it’s more a case of too much TV is bad for them, and the type of shows they watch will make a difference too.

For example, there are loads of classic TV shows from the last twenty or thirty years that are miles better than some of the rubbish you see on the box these days. These shows taught kids different things, while also entertaining them. Speaking of which, here are a few classic TV shows that every modern parent should show their children:

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye The Science Guy was definitely more of an American kids show. You probably didn’t see it unless you had the Disney channel. However, it was often shown in schools as part of science lessons to help teach kids different things. While it was a fun show, it was certainly more educational than anything else. This made it amazing for kids as they really learned loads about different scientific topics, which translated well into their schoolwork too! I don’t know if it’s still on TV, but there will probably be full episodes and clips you can show your kids on YouTube.


3 Classic TV Programmes Every Parent Should Show Their Kids! - The Yorkshire Dad of 4

While it wasn’t directly educational, Pokemon was one of the best shows on TV for many years. It was fun, exciting, and every child loved it. Saturday and Sunday mornings were so easy for parents as they knew their kids would be silent for an hour while Pokemon was on. But, it did a lot more than just entertain; it taught kids the value of true friendship. The characters on the show were always helping each other out, no matter what went down. It was such a vital thing for kids to see, rather than just watching a show where everyone was at each other’s throats for half an hour.

The great thing is, there are websites where you can watch anime online, meaning you can introduce your kids to multiple seasons of this fantastic show. It’s well worth telling them about, as they’ve probably heard of the games but never actually watched the programme!

Sesame Street

3 Classic TV Programmes Every Parent Should Show Their Kids! - The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Okay, the previous two programmes have been aimed at more of an older age group. We’re talking kids that are like aged 8 and upwards. So, it’s only fair to finish with one for the younger generation; Sesame Street. What’s there to say about this iconic kids show other than the fact it’s just a must-watch piece of TV for young children.If your kids are ever bored, then this is an excellent way to use up their time while also ensuring they learn different things. It’s the best educational show around, and it’s still running right now. Things have gotten even better as they add in different characters with learning disabilities and various background stories to make it a more inclusive show.

TV isn’t always bad for your kids, particularly if you show them one of these three shows. They all teach different things in different ways, and they’re just legendary programmes that all kids have to watch!


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