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The Roller-coaster of Life Doesn’t Stop

Anyone that knows us will know that we are very busy all of the time. It’s of our own doing of course. But I like being busy as I don’t enjoy lots of down-time. But sometimes I look at our calendar and just want to hide it, lock the doors and keep the family at home. I go through these phases, I call it the roller-coaster of life.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we’ve got on over the coming months:

The rest of December

  • Final pantomime rehearsals for the year (3 of the girls)
  • D and her friend R have private dance lesson to learn a new festival dance duet
  • CHRISTMAS! Including my sister and family, who are back visiting from Australia, coming to ours on Boxing Day
  • Selling a house


  • Pantomime rehearsals for 3 of the girls
  • A week-long pantomime run for 3 of the girls
  • Helen chaperoning lots of pantomime performances
  • Me playing Dad’s taxi for the panto run
  • Rehearsals start for The Sound of Music for D, L and myself
  • Kirkbymoorside 10K planning
  • Selling a house


  • The Sound of Music rehearsals
  • Dance festivals
  • Kirkbymoorside 10K planning
  • Hopefully sold a house
The Roller-coaster of Life Doesn't Stop | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Dance and dance festivals feature heavily on our calendar


  • The Sound of Music rehearsals
  • My birthday
  • Kirkbymoorside 10K planning


  • The Sound of Music rehearsals
  • Kirkbymoorside 10K planning


  • Kirkbymoorside 10K event day
  • The Sound of Music final rehearsals
  • The Sound of Music production run
  • Dance festivals

That’s all on top of us both having jobs, the daily grind of school runs and dance classes for the girls, and blogging! I do look forward to the summer holidays…

Actually, the act of writing this post has been a very cathartic process and has helped me to chill out a bit!

Thanks for reading.



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