5 Amazing Gifts You Can Get Your Adventurous Loved Ones for Christmas

We all have the same problem as Christmas approaches. Luckily, finding suitable gifts is no longer the ordeal that it once was. Think about how many Saturdays you have spent looking in shopping malls, trying to find the ideal gifts but with online shopping, those long and arduous trips are a thing of the past.

Here are a few great gift ideas for those who love adventure:

The Quad Experience

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If the lucky recipient has yet to climb aboard an ATV, there are some great venues, especially in the UK, where your loved one can experience this amazing transport. Don’t be surprised when they look for the best kids quad bike for sale, as this is an addictive pastime together with the entire family. Simply search online for a leading quad venue and book a day’s riding as a gift voucher. The venue will supply the quad and the protective gear, which you must always wear when riding.

Tandem Skydiving

Who wouldn’t like to jump out of a plane at 12,000ft? If you think he or she is made of the right stuff, why not present them with a free tandem jump, when they will be in the hands of an experienced sky diver. There’s nothing like falling like a stone and the provider can send an extra parachutist to film the descent, which the recipient can post on their Facebook page. A Google search will locate a provider and once booked, they will send you a nice voucher to present. They could also send a congrats email to the recipient.

Motor Racing Experience

Silverstone, Brands Hatch, and a few other tracks are home to supercar rental firms. Depending on the driver’s experience, they can be given an unforgettable driving day at the wheel of a very powerful supercar. Of course, you would first have a theory teaching session to help you understand racing lines and gear changes, then the instructor takes you out for a few laps and after that, away you go!

Hiking & Camping Equipment

For the nature lovers, why not add to their camping or hiking gear? There are some great gadgets to be found with the online supplier. If the gift is unopened, it can be traded for something else. Best of all, buy gift vouchers and the lucky recipient can go online and order what they want. Vouchers are ideal as you can never be really sure what the person would want and the supplier would send the recipient an intro e-mail, informing them of their gift.

Flying Lessons

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Image Source: Unsplash

It is not as hard as you might think to pilot a small aircraft and who knows? You might discover a hidden desire to fly! If you know that your partner would love to take the controls, book them a day at a local airfield and they can go up with a qualified instructor in a training plane that has dual controls. You wouldn’t be allowed to take off or land on your first outing, but you can fly for quite a time (at least 30 minutes), while the pilot is talking to you through the headset, making sure you are safe.

Whatever you choose, the lucky recipient will be over the moon and will have a memory to be treasured forever. 

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