Memories of Christmas Past | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Memories of Christmas Past

It’s only natural at this time of year to think about past Christmases. Memories at these special times seem to stick in my memory far better than a regular time of year. Last week when I was setting up our Christmas family portrait I thought back to a similar photo we took. The one at the top of this post is that very photo – taken at Christmas 2008. A lot has changed in those 10 years.

For a start, back in 2008 we had three children – not 4, as V didn’t arrive until 18 months later. We had a yellow lab called Inca, not a Dalmatian and a black Labrador like we now have. Oh, and we still lived in our house in Dewsbury, moving to North Yorkshire didn’t come until 6 years later.

Of course, if we go back one year further to 2007 the child count was two!

Memories of Christmas Past | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Before I really got into photography my framing wasn’t quite on point (and G hadn’t learnt to picker her nose off camera)!

But, there are also people from Christmases past too. Back when the photo above was taken we’d already lost Helen’s parents and my Dad. Below, is one of my favorite photos of my Dad with L. It was taken at his local pub where the whole family would meet for a meal before Christmas and exchange gifts. I just wish I’d been more active and confident with a camera back then.

Moving to North Yorkshire hasn’t changed our Christmases because for us it’s all about family. Wherever the family is we shall have an great time. But, we have been able to make some new and different memories here. For example, this Boxing Day scene below.

New memories

Whilst I will always have memories of Christmases gone by, I far more fondly look forward to making more fantastic memories.

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