6 Scary Cartoons Your Little One Shouldn’t Watch Alone

You know what it’s like; you watch a scary film on your own and then you are unable to sleep. You think that there are monsters in your room and you worry that your house has suddenly become haunted. Well, you wouldn’t want to put your children through this torture, would you?

There are some fantastic scary cartoon films available that are suited to children nowadays. They all have a PG rating; however, what you need to remember is that whilst these cartoons may not be scary to you they can easily be scary to younger ones.

So, if you are going to let your children watch one of the following films, then make sure that you watch it with them. Head to https://setapp.com/news/downie-for-downloading-online-videos if you need a good platform for downloading these videos and films online.

1) Gremlins

Gremlins is widely considered a film that pushed the boundaries of the PG rating. If you haven’t watched Gremlins before then the concept of the movie is as follows; there are lots of furry small creatures that look adorable but turn into monsters when they come into contact with water. Of course, there are subplots within this, but that is the general gist of things. This is definitely a film to enjoy with your child, yet they may be scared of the Gremlins themselves, so don’t stick this on for your child when alone.

2) The Witches

The Witches is a fabulous film largely because of the fact that it is based on a Roald Dahl book. Roald Dahl is widely considered the king of kids’ stories and thus you know that no matter what you will be in for a great storyline. The film has a creepy tone to it, thus meaning whilst it is fabulous it is not a film for being alone.

3) Monster House

Monster House is a great choice for those who want to watch a movie that is mildly scary with their kids. The film is based around a haunted house and thus the concept itself creates spookiness. However, most would admit that the battle scene is the only part that will have you on edge.

4) The Monster Squad

Before deciding whether to let your child watch this film or not you need to consider the fact that the language is a little bit choice. This is why The Monster Squad actually has a PG-13 rating. If you do allow your little one to watch it, then get prepared for some violence.

5) Little Monsters

When a film features a monster that terrorises children in their sleep, then you know it has the potential to scare your child, especially at night time. There are also several scary scenes in this film and therefore you need to give it a lot of thought before you decide whether your child can watch Little Monsters or not.

6) Little Shop of Horrors

This is another film with some questionable language choices, and again is thus deemed to be a PG-13 rating. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a good and scary film to watch with your child then this is it. There is also some light humour along the way in order to give the film the right balance.

If your child wants to watch a scary cartoon film then you can definitely allow them to watch one of these six. However, make sure you watch the film with them in order to ensure no nightmares.

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