The Best Adventure Gifts to Give Your Children

The Best Adventure Gifts to Give Your Children

Finding the perfect gifts for your child can be a real challenge. Particularly if you feel like they already have a lot, and you don’t want to give them the impression that life is all about material things. Give them an adventure as a gift instead – just pair it with a small gift to match, so that they have something to actually unwrap, and spend the day together.

At least they won’t have another toy hanging around in their bedroom without ever being used, and you get to take them on the adventure they’ve always dreamed about.

#1 Bicycle Adventure

Do you remember when you got your very first bicycle? Not just the hand-me-down from the neighbour or your brother’s old bicycle, but a brand new one that was actually just yours. If your kid needs a new bicycle or something else to keep them active (what about a pair of roller blades?), you know exactly what to get them.

The trick to making this an adventure gift is to actually take them on a bicycle adventure. Let them plan the route together with you, pack a tent and a fishing rod if you’d like to go away for more than a day, and head off into the wilderness.

Your child will get to enjoy not just his or her brand new bicycle but they get to spend time with their favourite person in the entire world as well.

#2 Sports Weekend

If your kid has a favourite team or a favourite sport, you should absolutely take them away for a sports weekend such as Australian Open for their birthday. Make sure that you have something else but just the tickets, though, so that the birthday boy or girl has something to unwrap as well.

Accessories are always a good option, and your kid will definitely rock a sweater with their team’s logo on it for some time to come. It’s not that exciting, though, so consider giving them something that will get them into their favourite sport – or to help them proceed with it.

A new tennis racket for the tennis kids, for example, or new gear for the football freaks will always put a smile on their face.

#3 Treasure Hunt

For older children who won’t cry long tears if their big gift isn’t handed over at once, you should consider giving them a treasure hunt as a gift. Make a proper treasure map and let their siblings join them on the quest – or have someone else make the map so that you can join them yourself.

You need to give them a few smaller gifts first, though, to make a proper explorer out of them. A head torch, a survival kit, and even a new rucksack for their new adventure toys are all great tools to accompany them on the quest.

The big gift is, of course, the treasure – and that decision will be up to you.

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