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Let’s Talk Boxers Shorts and Socks

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could be an underwear model. An I’m not! Let’s get that settled right away. But I do appreciate a nice pair of boxer shorts and socks.

But I am also a tight-fisted Yorkshireman who hates parting with money. If money can be saved, often by purchasing an inferior product, then it shall be. And that goes for boxer shorts too.

Posh Boxers

The kind folks at sent me some Ben Sherman and Saville Row Co boxers and socks for me to try out. I’m not adverse to posh briefs you must understand, but usually, these have been bought for me. My excitement built as I wanted to try these as I’m long overdue a few new pairs. I am notorious for not throwing things away and that goes for underwear too. There are some pairs of boxer shorts in my drawer that must be 10 years old (yes that’s no typo).

I have to say I am impressed with the fit of these boxers. What more can you ask for? It’s not as though I went marching around the office in nothing but my posh briefs! But they did the job they were meant to do and they did it well. Helen liked them but possibly not as much as Kalvin Kleins. What is it with this Kalvin bloke that makes his boxer shorts so special?

Dad Gift

David over at says since becoming a Dad his sock drawer has been overflowing as socks and pants are such a Dad gift. But for me, that isn’t true. Helen has bought me the odd pair of the years but my birthdays and Christmas’ as decidedly underwear free and I’m actually a little disappointed. I think my kids should pay a visit to for Father’s Day this year!

Long Life

I am a true Yorkshireman and I do enjoy getting value for money. So when it comes to clothes I like to make them last. The fact I have underwear older than my two youngest girls (youngest is 7) speak volumes! But if they’re still wearable and in decent condition then why not? I also tend to store them on condition. The best at the front and the worst at the back of the drawer. That way I would only get to the more questionable garments should the washing cycles slow down.

As for how long these Ben Sherman and Savile Row Co briefs and sock will last I simply do not know. But, so far they are washing well and still feel as they did when new so that’s a good sign. 

Treat Yourself

Treating myself is one thing I do every now and again, but that tends to be something for running or something techy. Maybe I should treat myself to some decent underwear every now and again. When I do I shall be heading over to

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