A Month in Photos – August 2018

August has been one heck of a busy month and there’s plenty of photos to prove it. We’ve been on some fantastic days out and microadventures, as well as plain and simple dogs, walks in some lovely places.

Blackberry jam

The month started with us out picking blackberries and making our very our Yorkshire Dad of Four jam. You can read about that here but the jam is not for sale!

A month in photos - August 2018

Indoor rock climbing in Hull

We were given the experience of trying our Rock Up in Hull and we all loved it! To see just how awesome it is with some epic GoPro footage, check out our vlog.

A month in photos - August 2018

York’s chocolate story

The day after rocking climbing in Hull we were in York at the York Chocolate Story. We had a great time and even made out own chocolate lollipops. If you fancy seeing a little more from our day in York then check out our vlog from the day.

A month in photos - August 2018

Oh York so pretty

While in York we wandered the streets. That city is so pretty!

A month in photos - August 2018

Lightwater Valley

Our summer of fun continued with a visit to Lightwater Valley near Ripon. Such a great day out that I’m sharing two photos from the day there and you can see more on our vlog too.

A month in photos - August 2018


This second photo from Lightwater Valley was also My Sunday Photo a couple of weeks ago and was even placed first on the photalife.com website for that week.

A month in photos - August 2018

A visit to Grandma

We visited Grandma, something we don’t get a chance to do as often as we’d like to. I don’t often take photos with her in so I decided to change that on this visit and capture her with our girls.

A month in photos - August 2018

Caught red-handed

Blackberry picking can be a messy business you know.

A month in photos - August 2018

Dog walking fun

Duke loves his walks and always gives it 110% effort. Sadly, that effort got him into a bit of bother a couple of weeks ago when he overheated and needed to go to the vet. He’s okay now.

A month in photos - August 2018

New toys

With my niece’s wedding coming up in Kos and our gift being the wedding photography (I used to do that) I thought having two cameras again was a good idea. I opted to go for the Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera. Look out for a future post reviewing the camera and my reasoning for going mirrorless.

A month in photos - August 2018

Strike a pose

Having the new camera has helped return my mojo for photography. I’d become too reliant on my mobile phone and too lazy to take the camera out of its bag. I wrote a piece all about that here.

A month in photos - August 2018

Penny for your thoughts?

I bloody love this photo. She just took herself this vantage point and sat there staring out over Rosedale. Stunning scenery to be viewed up there for sure.

A month in photos - August 2018

Treetop adventures at Dalby Forest

We had a great time at Go Ape in Dalby forest just last week. Check out our blog about the day and our YouTube vlog too.

A month in photos - August 2018

Farndale Show time

We went to the Farndale Show this year – our very first time there despite living in the area for 4 years! It’s a great little country show with plenty to see and do, especially for the children. I took this shot of Hannah sheering one of her sheep ready for judging. Yet again, we vlogged the day and you can check out the film here.

A month in photos - August 2018

Portraits of a little one

I’ve enjoyed making some new portraits of the girls with the new camera this past week while we’ve walked the dogs. The first is actually with our old Canon EOS 50D. I decided to take two cameras on a walk, using my 75-300mm lense of the 50D DSLR and a wide 15-45mm on the M50 mirrorless camera.

A month in photos - August 2018

Sunset at Cropton Forest

I’m going to write a full post about Cropton Forest soon as it’s a fantastic place that costs nothing! A great alternative to Dalby Forest that we love to explore with the dogs. At the very top of the paths, where the forest was long since cleared, you have some awesome views and we managed to catch the golden hour sunset too.

A month in photos - August 2018

Golden Hour

The golden hour is a term used in photography to describe the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. It makes for a beautifu llight to make portraits of your gorgous children!

A month in photos - August 2018

Shoot into the sun

I’ve always ignored the rule about shooting into the sun. Mainly because it usually produces epic results like this.

A month in photos - August 2018

So that’s my August selection of photos for 2018. I chose more than usual because there were so many to choose from after an epic month of activities. Not all these photos are technically perfect, but I don’t look for technical perfection so that’s okay. I chose them because they represent something and invoke great memories.

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Thanks for checking out this post.



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