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How to Make the Most of the Coming Autumn

Ah, summer, it was so good while it lasted. While we’ve still got some time left to go, it’s possible that the summer dream as we know it may have left us for (hopefully only) another year. But let’s not get too distressed about this news. Because the end of summer means that autumn is soon to be with us, and who doesn’t love autumn? There are leaves on the ground, everything’s cosier, and we get to catch up on all the movies and TV series that summer prevented us from enjoying. So let’s not lament the passing of summer too much! Below, we take a look at a few ways that’ll have you enjoying the season to the full.

Get the House in Order

When spring rolled around, you’ll have likely have transformed your home from its winter incarnation into one that’s fit for the warm months. And now that they’re about to pass, you’ll want to do the reverse. You’ll find it much more enjoyable to sink into the pleasures of autumn and winter if you have dark hues rather than light, candles rather than flowers, and warming blankets and throws on the sofa. Over your fireplace, you can place an antique overmantle mirror in the UK as well as some small décor pieces for a classic look. Start taking a look at what’s available now, and you’ll be ready come the end of summer!

What’s Fresh?

To many people, the best thing about autumn is the food. We’ll get to those delicious, warming recipes later on, but for now, let’s talk about the fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll never be as grateful to live in the UK as you are during autumn when we have so many delicious foods growing up and down the country. Fresh apples, blackberries, carrots, cauliflower, and more. Check out where your local farmers market takes place, and head down ready to take home a basket full of wonderful ingredients to use in your meals. And talking of which….

Autumn Recipes

When the autumn chill kicks in, you’ll want to get into the kitchen and warm yourself up three times. First when you’re cooking, second when you’re eating, and third when the warm air of the stove and oven moves around your home. When it comes to warming foods, can you really beat soup? It’s oh so simple to make, you can make it in a million and one ways, it’s filling, and delicious. Check out some of the best recipes, and get yourself into the kitchen.

Into Nature

Some people think that it’s only summer that’s fit for getting into the beautiful UK outdoor areas. But boy is this wrong! Autumn is arguably even better. It might be a little wetter and colder, sure, but what it lacks in weather comfort it more than makes up for in pure adventure. There’s nothing better than wrapping up warm and dry, putting on those walking boots, and spending some time adventuring with the family through the UK woodlands. Once you’re finished, it’s time to return home and sink into the sofa for an evening with a good film. Perfect!

New Clothing

You’re going to need some new threads to navigate the chillier season! Sure, those soups and cups of tea will keep you warm…but only up to a point. When you’re going about your daily business, you’ll want to have the layers you need to stay snug and warm. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather…only bad clothing! Look at buying a robust pair of waterproof boots, and durable jeans. A GASP hoodie will top off the autumn look, while you’ll also want to have a waterproof jacket in the boot of your car just in case the rain falls (who are we kidding? It will). You won’t need them just yet, but it’s worthwhile keeping an eye out for a nice scarf and gloves set for when the colder weather kicks in closer to Christmas.

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Get Comfortable

Is your living room ready for the responsibility you’ll thrust upon it in the coming years? It’s going to be the biggest player in your house. After months of neglect, you’ll be back in there, spending evening after evening with the family. So get it ready. You’ll want to load up on pillows, blankets, throws, candles, and atmospheric lighting so that you’re fully able to relax.

Host a Party

Summer might be the most social of seasons, but we don’t have to become hermits just because we’re in autumn. Actually, this is one of the best times to host a party in your home, for multiple reasons! First, it’s autumn, so people are under control a little bit more – less chance of your home being damaged. Second, there’s just something about inviting your friends and family around for a cosy get together, with wine and light bites, as the rain and wind bluster outside. No-one really wants to venture out during autumn, unless it’s to a cosy pub, so have people in the home – you might not see them for months otherwise!

Books, DVDs, TV Shows

You’re going to spend much more time inside than you do outside during autumn, so make sure you’ve got your fair share of entertainment on hand to keep you occupied. That means having a good supply of books, movies, TV shows, and the rest. If it has been a while since you’ve read a book, head to your local charity shop and browse the options – there’s a book for everyone! For your on-screen entertainment, it’s all about DVDs (also from the charity shop) and Netflix. You’ll never be stuck for something to watch!

Sink into Chill Mode

Making the most of the autumn season begins with having the right attitude. For starters, don’t cling on to summer – it has gone! Now, it’s all about sitting down and relaxing. Once you’ve accepted that you’re not going to be doing much for the forthcoming months, you’ll find it easy to enjoy all of the simple pleasures that the season brings. There’s much for you and the family to love if you give it a try!


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  1. I enjoyed your post. 🙂 I love summer so am always sad to see it go, but I admit that I do like autumn as well. Love the changing trees and that the weather is “pleasantly cooler” but not too cold yet!


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