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A Rugged Look For The Rugged Man

The rugged man is definitely an interesting one. The rugged man is someone who likes to look smart, yet a bit rough around the edges. Go too rough, and you run the risk of looking like someone who doesn’t take care of themselves all too much. However, get it just right, and you’ll put something rather unique to your look.

Lately, it would seem that everyone is bothered about the sharp, razor fade haircut, and stone island jackets. It’s time to be different, and the rugged look for the rugged man is the perfect way to do that. So, if you want a new look to try and master, here’s how you can pull of this one, and look and feel your best.

It’s All About The Hair

The rugged man has to have rugged hair. We’re not talking shaggy dog style, but you’ve got to try and master the sort of I don’t care look, mixed in with that well-groomed man that’s going to make you rugged. For some of you, this isn’t going to be easy to achieve, because the first part of it is making sure you can grow a beard. This might take months and months of planning, and it might not work out in your favour anyway. Some men can grow a great beard, some can grow one that sadly has gaps left right and center. But, take your time with it, and keep trimming it down to keep it neat, and to help it grow. The best look to achieve is one that has a fair amount of volume to it, but still looks rather neat. Take a look at this guide here, it might help you understand more. On top, you want to go for the short sides look, with longer hair on top to style. Style it in a sort of messy way, ruffling your hands through your hair rather than spiking it up or slicking it back.

Nailing The Style

The rugged style isn’t too hard to achieve, and we know it’s going to make you feel smart and sophisticated at the same time. The main part of the rugged look comes from the hair, the rest just follow suits. So, the first item on your list should be a shirt. Just because you’re rugged, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be in a lumberjack checkered shirt all of the time. Wearing a shirt can be made casual, you can find some that you might like on sites such as The shirt gives you that rugged, masculine look that this style needs. Plus, it’s what all the celebs seem to be doing at the minute. If you mix the shirt with some jeans, and the new hair style, you’ll have mastered the rugged look as easily as that.

Maintaining Appearances

You’re probably going to have made a few changes to your look to get the way you have, so, it’s important to make sure you’re maintaining appearances. Rugged isn’t slopping, so make sure the beard is trimmed, hair styled, and you look smart all round. Things such as smell have a lot to do with the look as well, so make sure you grab yourself a strong scented aftershave to go with the look.


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