A Sub-20 Minute 5K | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Sub-20 Minute 5K

The sub-20 minute 5K is one of the holy grails of running. Of course, it’s at the opposite end o the spectrum from a sub-3 hour marathon but it’s no less of a challenge for most runners. It’s a goal I’ve had on my mind for a while without ever really training to do it […]

Making Plans During Lockdown | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Making Plans During Lockdown

It’s so hard to do anything with all of this uncertainty, isn’t it? We know that life will one day return to normal. But, we also know that it might be a slow process and that things might not be exactly as they were until a COVID-19 vaccine has been found. Until then, we’re bound […]

I Am Versus Arthritis | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Am Versus Arthritis

You may not know my story so forgive the little recap if you do. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in December 2015. To say it was a shock would be understating it somewhat. But thankfully it was caught early and I was put on treatment immediately. The course of steroids that started my treatment […]