Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 4 – Thursday

It would seem that I have deviated somewhat from my carefully crafted marathon training plan this week. Today I did just over 10k in a decent marathon pace time and I am satisfied.

Sometimes I’ll just go off-plan for a bit. I am a regular guy, not a professional athlete and quite frankly I hate plans most of the time for running.

This week I haven’t done any speedwork, Fartleks, intervals, strides or any other kind of workout run. I’ve just run.

I have to admit that my ankle is still iffy. I’m not sure it’s my ankle or just the left side of my left foot. Either way, it wasn’t too great on this run. Add to that the blister I created and burst on Tuesday run that is in just the wrong place and it’s a pretty crap place to be my left foot right now.

It needs a rest so Friday and Saturday will be rest days. Friday will actually be spent in York for D’s 13th birthday so it will be an active rest day but on Saturday I’m going to try and doo nothing as much as I can.

Doing nothing is not in my DNA!

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