Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 4 – Tuesday

The problem with such an epic run as I had on Saturday is that after such a high there is a natural down. After a rest day on Sunday, I was meant to get started with week 4 of training on Monday but I couldn’t find the motivation.

The epic run around the North York Moors will live long in my memory. But after the high comes a low. We visited Middleham Castle on Saturday and I used that to justify not running. The first thing was getting the dogs walked before we went and after getting home it was too late.

This morning I felt similar about getting up for a run. I forced myself to go out.

I told myself I’d do 20 minutes – after all, my ankle is sore. As I got going I decided on 3 miles. Then that became half an hour. Then I just carried on and knocked out 7.7 miles in an hour of running.

Sometimes we look too hard to find our motivation when all we need to do it let it find us.

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