The Honeymoon We Never Had – Top 10 Destinations

This month Helen and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a fantastic wedding day, but there was something missing afterwards. We never went on honeymoon.

However, we did have one booked – a 3 week cruise down the coast of Brazil and across to the Canary Islands. However, money got really tight sadly we ended up having to cancel it. But, the girls are growing up now and our thoughts are turning to have a much belated honeymoon in the near future.

10) Scotland

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Honeymoons don’t have to be somewhere hot or tropical. Staying right here on our beautiful island offers some amazing places. Scotland is a fantastic destination offering cities like Edinburgh with his rich history or the isolation of the highlands.

9) Disneyland


It wouldn’t be my top choice but a honeymoon at Disneyland would be amazing. It’s got everything you need right there, and of course you can always get out and see some of Florida too.

8) Thailand


Thailand has the beaches, the culture and the climate that makes for a fantastic honeymoon destination. Whether we go all-inclusive or have a back-packing honeymoon, this is a great choice.

7) European road trip


Once we’re across the channel we could explore the continent at our leisure. I think we’d love to do this in a motor-home too so we’re really are able to go where we want and when. Starting in Scandinavia and working our way down would be brilliant.

6) Australia


Australia has it all and it’s a long way away too. Beaches, cities, desert and even skiing in the winter. We have family in Melbourne so that would be a great reason to either start or finish a tour down under there.

5) Brazil

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Brazil is somewhere we’ve always wanted to go and it was the original destination for our honeymoon back in 2007. From the adventure and hiking in the rain forest to relaxing on Copa Cabana beach, Brazil has it all.

4) The Great Wall of China

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

This is definatley on the bucket list. It might be a bit off the wall (sorry) for a honeymoon destination but it’s just got that wow factor. We could spend the whole time hiking it (and never finish it) or visit as part of a wider trip to China.

3) An African Safari

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

We both love animals and getting to pick one of the many safari honeymoons available would be amazing. As a photographer, I would relish the opportunity to capture the big five in their natural habitats. Helen would love the safari glamping experience and seeing her favourite  – lions.

2) Caribbean

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Beach holidays might not be my thing but I could forget that for a couple of weeks in the Caribbean. Of course, we would seriously consider a Caribbean cruise too as this would allow us to visit more of the islands.

1) Italy

The Honeymoon We Never Had | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Italy, oh Italy how we love you. Having been on two cruises that visited many Italian ports we have fallen in love with the country. However, our last visit was 2004 – 3 years before we were married. Choosing from the many Italy honeymoons wouldn’t be easy, so I think we’d once again mix and match. We’d love to go visit Venice and it’s canals and  Rome too. But, we’d both love to go back to Santa Margherita – it’s stunning.

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