York District Hospital

Back to the Rheumatology Nurse

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone about my rheumatoid arthritis, my last appointment was with my consultant who seemed happy I was doing fine. At that time she also reduced my weekly medication as my inflammation wasn’t even traceable in my blood tests. It was a good time, considering I have an incurable […]

Donald Trump Theresa May

Am I Starting To Like Donald Trump?

Before I get onto the Donald Trump subject I need to clarify something. Those who take more than a fleeting glance at my Twitter history may realise that I have had a tendency to get sucked into political debates. This is actually something I have tried very hard not to do over the last six […]

Kia Sorento

Meet Our New Kia Sorento

Calling our new Kia Sorento a new car is a very loose term. It’s actually a 2010 model, so it’s only new to us. That said, we bought it from North Yorkshire Kia and the car has a perfect service history and has only done 60,000 miles. That mileage equates to an average of 20 […]

Want to Become a Morning Person? Here’s How

Want to Become a Morning Person? Here’s How

Do you wonder how other people manage to get up at the crack of dawn and immediately start being productive? When you’re not a morning person, it can be a little perplexing to see other people operate like that, but maybe it’s not so impossible for you to do the same. Even if you currently […]

Roseberry Topping

Stress-Busting Ways to Relax and Unwind

When you are trying to juggle work, family, socialising, exercising, completing your household chores, and a million other responsibilities, you can find that your stress levels shoot through the roof. And when you do get a few minutes to yourself, your mind can end up working overtime and you are unable to get the rest […]


How I Didn’t Become A Runner

There we all stood, the cool autumnal air brushing against our skinny exposed legs. Nervous for what was about to come, for what was fabled and foretold. We were lined up in a single line like prisoners about the meat a nasty end, our guard marching up and down the line. This was it boys, […]

NHS at 70

Thank You NHS

The NHS is 70 years old today. The very good reasons this vital service, that on the world stage we should extremely proud of, is always in the news. Funding issue aside I would like to dedicate this post to say thank you to the NHS for everything. Firstly, I was born in an NHS hospital. […]

Photos from June 2018

I’ve taken a shed-load of photos in June, mostly on my Galaxy S7, so I thought I would share some of my favourites. It’s worth saying that all these photos have been edited in some way to enhance them, but I usually do this sympathetically to the original image or what I saw with my eyes […]