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Facebook – Is it still relevant?

I’m using Facebook far less than I used to – fact. Does this mean that for me it’s becoming a much less relevant part of my social media activity? Or have I simply replaced it with another social media channel? I’ve been thinking about this recently and writing this was prompted by the RSPH Scroll Free […]

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Currys PC World – My Fight for Fairness

You may remember that recently my daughter managed to smash the new TV that we bought from Currys PC World after only having it for four months. I remained calm because I had taken out the protection plan. This plan covered breakdown and accidental damage. Phew! They collected the TV the day after, how good was that? […]



Imagine the scene…I’ve called into Lidl to pick up a few bits while also collecting the eldest daughter and friends for their return to our house. My phone rings…“Dad, D has smashed the telly”. Now, I am a shouter. I admit that I can go from zero to 100 faster than Superman can get his […]

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Happy Yorkshire Day 2018

I couldn’t let Yorkshire Day 2018 pass without theyorkshiredad.com having a celebratory post in the honour of this great county. Okay, technically there are four counties that make up Yorkshire but I’m brushing over that here. I decided that to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2018 I would post 4 photos – one from each of the […]



I saw this quote and thought – “damn, so true”. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results I struggle with sleep sometimes because my brain simply will not stop thinking about things. Usually, those things are worries, big or small, in life. I force myself to think about good […]


4 Ways To Keep Kids Safe In The Kitchen

Any parent knows that every second is a battle to keep your kids out of harm’s way. They love to explore the world by climbing around on stuff or poking their fingers into things so it’s up to you to make sure that the house is a safe environment for them at all times. Some […]