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My Famous Babysitter – A New TV Series

I don’t write much about TV on this blog. The primary reason for this is that I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and the fact I aren’t that interested in writing about what I do watch. However, I am going to write about the new series coming to UKTVs W Channel – My Famous Babysitter.

The premise for this latest reality-esque TV show seems quite straightforward. Take one childless celebrity and one family, then remove the parents and replace them with the celebrity. Finally, film them constantly as the celeb tries to cope with the sudden responsibility.

The reason I have decided to write about this new series is quite simple really – we are one of the families that was chosen to be part of My Famous Babysitter!

Yes, you read that correctly. The Yorkshire Dad and his family are going to be on TV! Actually, Helen and I are barely in it – it’s all about the girls and the celeb looking after them.

My Famous Babysitter – a 4-part series

The series starts on tonight (Monday 21st October) at 10pm on W Channel with Professor Green taking charge of a family in the Cotswolds.

The following week it’s the turn of Countryfile’s Anita Rani’s, followed by Georgia “Toff” Toffolo from Made in Chelsea with a family in East London on 4th November.

The final episode is on Monday 11th November with Rachel Riley from Countdown and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown fame.

W are also repeating each episode on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm as well as Sundays at 10pm. In fact, you’ll find it all over their TV schedule!

Wait and see

You’ll have to wait and see which episode we appear in, though you may be able to guess that from the short trailer above.

There’s a longer trail for the show in the W Channel Facebook page.

I don’t think I am allowed to say too much before our show is aired, but I will tell you this – it was an interesting, fun and challenging experience.

I’ll write more about this experience after the series concludes on 11th November.

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