Child Friendly Decor Ideas That’ll Upgrade Your Interior Design

Whether you’ve got a baby in the house, a toddler who likes getting into everything, or a pre teen who doesn’t really watch where they’re going, child friendly decor goes a long way to making your home safer for everyone. And if you’re worried that means you’ll have to place soft furnishings and incorporate plastic everywhere, you couldn’t be more wrong! 

Home decor that works as well for the kids as it does for the adults looks great, and can be a real upgrade for your home. So, here are a few ideas to go through if you like the sound of family focused interior design. 

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Hang Up Your Kids’ Art

Putting your childrens’ art on the fridge is old school. These days, if you want the kids to feel more involved in the design of the whole home, hang it up on the wall where everyone can see it. If you like, you can create a collage out of the various pieces your kids come up with, whether it be a crayoned cat or a neatly inked landscape. Mesh them altogether in the form of a feature wall and the room will feel super family friendly! 

Upholster with Wipe Clean Material

Wipe clean material is a must in a home with children. On sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, and fancy kitchen stools for the breakfast island you’ve just had fitted. If you can simply grab a cloth and wipe dropped food and drink splashes away, you won’t have to pay for the dry cleaning multiple times a month! It’s a very affordable design to incorporate into your home at large, and if you’re worried you won’t be comfortable when you sit down, remember one thing: not all wipe clean material is plastic. 

Install an Electric Fire, Not a Gas One

Electric fires tend to be kept behind screens, and can be switched on and off very easily without needing to worry about fumes from the flame or it catching on clothing as someone gets a little too close! As such, flame effect electric fires are super friendly for kids, yet still allow you to achieve that super cosy, vintage wonderland look for your living room. So, if you’ve got some negative space against a wall, install an electric fireplace to literally warm up the space!

Incorporate a Play Area

If you’ve not got space for a whole separate playroom, don’t worry – you don’t need any! Instead, set up a play area in one of your downstairs rooms. You just need to mark out the section with a rug or create a boundary out of wood you’ve glued down. Then explain how it works to the kids: they can play all over the house if they like, but toys have to go back in the play area at the end of the day. Simple, tidy, and incredibly kid friendly!

Child friendly decor can be great for homes. Get creative with your family and think outside the box. 

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