My Sunday Photo The Portraits I crave

My Sunday Photo: The Portraits I Crave

I love being a photographer and creating portraits of my children. Children’s portraiture has changed over time. My passion, the portraits I crave, are natural, unposed and candid moments.

Photography isn’t my profession, it is my passion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t strive to make my work shine. Making these portraits of children isn’t as easy as just snapping away and hoping to get a great shot. It’s about being in the right place to capture them at their best. Constantly assessing their movements, mood, activity and environmental factors too.

Portraits I Crave

We posed hundreds of children in our studio when we were in business. We made many stunning portraits in that sterile, fully controlled environment. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t challenging. In that highly controlled studio setting, I was going through the moments, creativity was limited and it was just about making the money.

I crave these moments. Getting out and immersing myself with my camera with the children to make natural photos that capture who they are. You simply can’t beat that in my eyes.


There are many photographers out there making stunning children’s portraits. My favourite is Tamara Lackey. She shoots in both her studio and out in the open too. Her images are timeless and you get a real sense of who the subjects really are. I have one of her books, I’ve read it time and again.

Thank you for checking out my Sunday photo this week. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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