What Should I Know As A New Homeowner?

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Renting a property is much different from owning one. Of course, many people hope to get on the property ladder, and would no doubt select that instead of renting if they could, but there are some conveniences involved in renting that ownership cannot afford. For instance, if you have a maintenance issue, a renter will often have the right to request assistance with it, either their landlord or property maintenance company is obliged to come and resolve the issue. With home ownership, you have no such luxury.

Of course, ownership is still superior. But this point highlights how those coming into property ownership for the first time may find this process takes a little getting used to. This is especially true if you’ve moved into a large house for the first time, as caring for such a large property is often easier said than done.

This begs the question, what should I know as a new homeowner? Well, in this post, we hope to help you with that and more:

Familiarize Yourself With Your Plumbing Network

It’s important to be aware of your plumbing network in the home, such as how to close the valve on each tap to stop water flow, where the water mains is and how you can turn it off, and which pipes may need replacement or how to determine an issue. With the contact information for a local plumbers service you trust, you can make absolutely certain that everything is up to scratch, and any issues you have are immediately attended to. Here you can also determine the feasibility of any changes you wish to make, such as re-orienting bathroom utilities.

Expenses Accrue, Prepare As Well As You Can

Home expenses tend to add up. From home insurance to maintenance costs, from pet care and vaccinations to driveway maintenance, it’s good to keep a list of the many ways you may need to spend to keep your property in good standing, or at least do that as you pay them. For instance, on a private road you may need to liaise with your neighbors regarding filling in the potholes and pay for that out of hand, or perhaps you may need to work on foundational repair after noticing your deck sinking very slightly after a number of years. Have this home budget prepared, and some good emergency numbers like that of a locksmiths, and you’ll be as prepared as you gain be.

Record-Keeping Is Essential

In a household, there are many considerations to manage. From paying the water bill to keeping a note of the multiple locksmith quotes you asked for over the weekend, it can be hard to remember every small task, even if you’ve just been meaning to purchase some WD-40 to resolve that creaky gate hinge for a few weeks now. Keep notes if you can. A digital notebook within a program like Evernote can be useful, but a good “house journal” you can write in alongside your partner will also make a big difference. This way, you can prioritize tasks rather than ignoring them for months, and feeling that prolonged sense of irritation you find otherwise.

With this advice, you’re sure to manage perfectly well as a new homeowner.

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