Finding Your Fun Side After 50


So, now you have passed 50. The kids have flown the nest and started families of their own, you have more time to enjoy your life as a couple, and you don’t know where to start with exploring new hobbies. When you reach a certain age and you finally have free time to yourself, it can feel a little odd and like a total curveball in your life. What shall you do with all this free time? Well, here are some ideas for you to try this year.

Tread the unbeaten path

Are you getting a little sick and tired of your job, your home and everything else that goes with it? There are so many amazing things to explore in the world, and if you wanted to you could easily rent yourself a little caravan and just pack up and go for a few weeks. We all need a change now and again, and packing up from home can give you the perfect chance to see places you have never seen before and try new things. Take some time this weekend to do some checks on your caravan, grab some caravan window repair adhesives, and set off on your roadtrip in the spring.

Go on a helicopter 

If you fancy being high in the sky but you don’t want to be totally exposed to the air, you can always try flying in a helicopter around a beautiful place. You can buy helicopter experience days almost anywhere and they will allow you to fly over the skies and enjoy learning about the area as the pilot tells you about it all. It is loud though, so make sure you bring you hearing aids and plenty of protection! 

Try yoga 

You might think that exercise is the last thing you want to start taking up now that you have free time and less stress in your life, but yoga can be a great practice to keep you strong, flexible and younger for longer. There are still 90 year old women who practice yoga and they swear by this as the reason for their long lives. Try a yoga class in the city or simply load YouTube up at home and search for routines which you can follow with your partner. It will be a fun way to bond between you both and you will be able to stay looking and feeling younger for years to come. 

Have dinner parties 

Now that you don’t have a family of kids it feed each night, your shopping lists will cost a lot less and it will be the ideal excuse to splurge on a dinner party at the end of the month. Organising and throwing a dinner party can be a really fun experience for you if you haven’t done it before and it will give you the perfect chance to experiment in the kitchen and have some fun. 

Get a dog

If you have never had a pet before, or you haven’t had one for a while due to a hectic lifestyle, now is the ideal time to get yourself a dog. A dog will become your best friend and it will be a huge part of your family. You’ll have a reason to go for days out if the countryside and to move around, you’ll make friends with other dog people and you will have a furry friend to cuddle up with in the evenings. As far as trying new things goes, getting a dog is the best.

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