Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and next month marks 20 years since we first met and got together.

I say “celebrate” in a loose way because the truth is that we don’t really have time to celebrate as such. You see Helen is working, the young girls have dance all morning and a pantomime performance in the afternoon and by the time the evening comes we’ll both be knackered! Oh the life of parents eh. The other reason is that we are trying to cut down on spending as we’re paying for and saving for our holiday later this year (our first trip abroad with them all). Sacrifices must be made.

However, we relaxed our “no wasting money on take-aways” rule and got a lovely curry in. And of course we exchanged card and I bought flowers.

Helen and I not long after got together back in ’98

It’s not that the romance is dead, it’s just the life of super busy working parents. We both know that this time of year is crazy busy for us (see a previous post Dealing With It All) so we have to make some compromises. Compromises like the fact that our weekend away for our 10th anniversary last year was taken 9 months later!)

So I just wanted to dedicate a post here on the blog to my wife Helen…

Eleven years has flown by,
A sign of fun along the way.
I loved you then, I love you now,
And until my dying day.

Thanks for reading.

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