It’s Panto Time – Break A Leg Girls

At exactly the time this post goes live the curtain will go up on the first matinee performance of the annual pantomime that our daughters’ dance school choreographs for – this year it’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

This will be Delilah’s third year performing in the junior dance team and she absolutely loves it – all of it. The auditions, the rehearsals, the singing, the rehearsals, the costumes, the make-up the rehearsals (there’s lots of rehearsing). Okay, maybe she didn’t love getting up for school yesterday morning after a late dress-rehearsal finish! She LOVES being on stage and performing, it’s a revelation to see her come to life up there. I remember the first time we saw her perform to an audience as the ‘Whoopsie-daisy Angel’ at school one Christmas and she wowed us with her confidence and she continues to wow us. Shes the current holder of the dance schools “Performer of the Year” award and we can see why!

Panto 2016

Delilah was just 7 when she first auditioned for the panto dance troupe and she got in. She was by far the youngest in the group but she certainly held her own. Now, she has a family rival as Verity is joining her this year!

Verity might be younger and built differently but she is a feisty performer and again brings it when she hits that stage. I am really looking forward to seeing them up there together in their team of friends. Verity is the youngest in there but I am sure she will do amazingly.

Good luck girls and break a leg.

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