Re-imagined in Monochrome | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Re-imagined in Monochrome

As a photographer, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut in terms of creativity. I certainly do from time to time. To help combat this I often set about some photos I’ve already edited and re-imagine them in a different way. Monochrome is a great way to do this. Monochrome, or black & white, […]

Choosing a wedding photographer | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

You may remember, as I’ve blogged about this before, that I was once a wedding photographer. It’s something I enjoyed immensely but, for many reason, I am no longer in that industry. However, I’d thought I’d share some advice for couples looking for a wedding photographer from my perspective. The one thing Helen and I […]

Yes, I Photoshop My Photos - The Yorkshire Dad of Four

Yes, I Photoshop My Photos

Photoshop is, of course, the name of the Adobe graphics editing software that has been around since 1990. The word Photoshop has become synonymous with the manipulation of images and used predominantly as a verb in the English language. In many ways, Photoshop has become a household name because of the negative press surrounding the […]

My Sunday Photo The Portraits I crave

My Sunday Photo: The Portraits I Crave

I love being a photographer and creating portraits of my children. Children’s portraiture has changed over time. My passion, the portraits I crave, are natural, unposed and candid moments. Photography isn’t my profession, it is my passion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t strive to make my work shine. Making these portraits of children isn’t […]

white rose flag of Yorkshire

Happy Yorkshire Day 2018

I couldn’t let Yorkshire Day 2018 pass without having a celebratory post in the honour of this great county. Okay, technically there are four counties that make up Yorkshire but I’m brushing over that here. I decided that to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2018 I would post 4 photos – one from each of the […]

10 Tips To Making Better Smartphone Photos

Smartphone photos are taking over the world. Literally. What camera does Flickr state to be the most popular used to take photos on there? Yes, an iPhone. Even I, who owns a DSRL camera and various lenses, opt to take 90% of my photos with my phone (a Samsung S7). That being said, there are […]