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How to Make Your Teenager’s Birthday Extra Special

You always want to make your child’s birthday special. When they’re young, it’s relatively easy: buy a few toys, invest in some balloons, and make a fuss. They’ll be happy with it! When they get to their teenage years, however, things are a little bit more difficult. All of a sudden (where does the time go?), they’re not a child anymore – and they’re beginning to feel like small adults, all the while still obviously being a kid. Below, we’ve put together a few ideas that’ll make it a day to remember for everyone involved.
A Shopping Spree

Kids normally pay extra attention to how they’re dressed once they reach teenage years. Now, those cute tops with the flowers on won’t do anymore: they want to look like a little adult. So when they hit thirteen, why not help them transition into their new demographic by going on a shopping spree, replacing their child’s wardrobe with one fit for a young adult? You can start the day off with their favourite breakfast, and then hit the shops, before having a party. Oh, yeah, the party…

An All-Out Party

What better way for your child to announce to the world that they’re no longer a little boy/girl than by having a party? And by party, we don’t mean pass the parcel in the back garden! Rent a space, look at catering, and take some steps to make it extra special. You could rent a luxury car from Prestige Keys, and let your child make an entrance that no-one will forget anytime soon. You could even make the whole party a surprise; tell your child you’re going for a dinner out in town, and then take them to the party. Perfect!

A Trip Abroad

Your child will have been raised on TV, movies, and magazines showing images of exotic, far-flung places. For their birthday, why not take them on a trip to one of Europe’s best cities? If you don’t want to go abroad, then there’s always all the delights of London just a short journey away. With the abundance of cheap flights, however, you’re likely to have all of Europe right on your doorstep. Nothing says ‘happy birthday’ like treating your child to a surprise trip to Paris, Rome, or Barcelona.

An Eye on the Past and Future

Your child is unlikely to reject everything about being a child; while they’ve got one eye on the years ahead, they’re still going to enjoy most of the things they’ve enjoyed throughout their childhood. As they’re entering a milestone age, try to incorporate some of the activities they’ve always loved into the day. Just maybe save it for you when it’s just you and your family…some kids can get a bit embarrassed by their life – without justification, of course! – when they hit the awkward teen years.

Think of Their Interests

Ultimately, it’s all about putting together a day that incorporates their interests and their future. Do this, and they’ll have a day they’ll remember forever!

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