Would You Send Your 9 Year Old Away for 2 Weeks?

You may have realised, if you have read a few of my blog posts, that our four girls all dance – a lot. Our 3rd daughter D, she’s 9, is really into it and her current goal is to travel the world singing and dancing on cruise ships. No doubt this goal is heavily influenced by the knowledge that all three of her dance teachers cut their cloth on cruise ships.

Her dance school posted on their Facebook page recently about the Yorkshire Ballet summer school and I have to admit I was intrigued. A two week residential summer school, teachers from institutions such as the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet School, and at a college not far from us – sounds good to me. And although ballet is probably her least favourite dance discipline it is in fact a core element of all dance really in what it teaches so it would be a fantastic learning exercise.

I knew it would be expensive. But how expensive? It took quite a bit of digging on the website to eventually find the price. You may want to sit down at this point. The price is Β£550 per week – therefore a total of Β£1100. I suppose you have to consider that included in this price is the board and lodgings for a fortnight and not just the ballet instruction. They do also offer full scholarships (if you are good enough) and bursaries (if you qualify). Not taking anything away from D but I’ve already mentioned that ballet is her least favourite discipline therefore full scholarship may be a stretch and I don’t think we’d qualify for a bursary – even though the expense is probably out of our reach.

Of course it is out of our financial reach at the moment and actually the audition in Leeds takes places on the same day as her dance school showcase performances so it won’t be something we’ll consider for this year. Even if we could afford it she would still need to get through the audition process. But, with the audition piece on YouTube for her to practice we may well look again at this next year.

I can only imagine the fun she would have with so many other like-minded lovers of dance. Living with them 24×7 for two weeks. She would have a great time. But could I really send our nine year old daughter away (OK it’s not that far) for two weeks? I suppose it’s like sending children to boarding school but that’s something else we’re hardly accustomed to!

Would you do it? If you could afford it and it was something your son or daughter would love to do – would you? I’d like to think I could but I think I would find it really tough for those two weeks (she would come home the middle Sunday) but I would always remember it’s for her and she would be having fun (hopefully).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Would You Send Your 9 Year Old Away for 2 Weeks?”

  1. Gosh, it is a tough one, isn’t it? It does seem a bit young to go for two weeks, but then all kids are different. This is outside the cost of it all. I suppose you have to do a pluses and minuses audit and come to the best decision. Not easy but good liuck

    1. I’ll need the luck – thanks. I think particular summer school is out of the question, for this year at least; cost and timing being the primary reasons before we even tackle the should we/shouldn’t we question. That said there are other, less expensive summer schools for dance (I never realised just how many!).

  2. What a dilemma not sure I would but I would decide if it happened at the time very difficult Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  3. Oh my gosh, it’s so expensive. Aside from the cost, I’d worry about sending her away for two weeks at 9 years old. It’s still so young. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

    1. It is expensive. Reading my post back I was worried I’d come across as some snobby person not worried about the money. I AM worried about the money, just not as much as I am about my daughter. But the expense is one of the factors, especially with a big family holiday later this year still to be paid for.

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