Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Old Doors And Windows?

Every home experiences the ravages of time, the accumulation of wear and tear, that we can hold back with repairs and maintenance, but we can never truly stop. We’ve looked at the tell-tale signs that your floors need replacing, but there’s another fixture of the home that needs just as much attention, and that’s your doors and windows. Here, we’re going to look at when you ought to consider making the change they need, and the benefits it can offer your home.

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They’re showing the physical signs of damage

Windows and especially doors can start to show the visual signs that they’re beyond their best. Front doors, especially, can become warped, and cracked, and their aesthetic can start to suffer greatly, worsening the curb appeal of the home. Repainting your doors could help, sometimes, but if the visible damage is starting to get too extensive, then you really need to think about getting a new one, instead. Visible damage is often just the first symptom of underlying problems.

They don’t open and close easily

One of the kinds of underlying damage you should pay the closest attention to is when you have trouble opening or closing your doors or windows. If the hinges don’t move easily, then it could be that you’re just in need of a little lubricant. However, if that doesn’t help, or it feels like they don’t fit easily within the frames, there’s a good chance that moisture and age have caused them to warp beyond the point of usefulness.

They’re letting in a draft

If you can quite easily feel a draft by a door or a window, then you can try caulking them but, if they’re old enough, they have just likely lost what energy efficiency they have. With Energy new doors & windows, you can ensure that you’re using the latest in keeping the heat in during the winter, and keeping it out during the summer. Aside from making the home a much more comfortable place to be, it can help you save money on heating and cooling the home via appliances.

They don’t offer a lot of security

If you are worried that the lock on your old door is particularly basic looking, or you’re worried that your windows don’t feel overly secure, that’s a good reason to switch them up. You can change to more advanced locks on your doors, potentially, but if they’re not overly sturdy and built using modern materials, they could pose a legitimate security risk.

They offer little proofing

Both windows and doors, but windows more so, play an important role in maintaining the peace and privacy of the home. They should stop sound from moving freely throughout the home, just as they stop air from flowing freely when they are closed. You can soundproof doors, to an extent, using draft excluders and the like, but over time, they are going to get worse at acting as a barrier to sound.

Your doors and windows are a vital part of living comfortably, securely, and healthily in your home. Don’t sit idly when you need to replace them.

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