Frankie & Benny's vegetarian fry up

Frankie & Benny’s Increased My Daughters Portion Size

I do love Frankie & Benny’s. Yes, I know it’s a chain restaurant but the thing is you know what you can get no matter which one you go in. The choice is excellent, the portion sizes are good and the kid’s meals and great too. We don’t go often but we do go and enjoy family meals out there. But, our first experience of the breakfast left a sour taste in my mouth.

The Breakfast Choice

Franky & Benny's breakfastOn Saturday I found myself with just three out of four children to care for and a wife who was working. There were some things we needed from Ikea so I planned a late breakfast as Frankie & Benny’s before braving the masses in the big blue box. I’ve never tried the F&B’s breakfast before, I was looking forward to it as were the girls.

I have to say the menu is great for breakfasts and there’s plenty of choices. If I was being picky I would say the children’s selection is a bit limited. There was no older child option like they do on their main menu. But there was enough to choose from.

It was a vegetarian day for me and therefore I went for the veggie fry-up. G opted for the eggs Benedict whereas as D and V chose the pancakes.

Increased Portion

Franky & Benny's breakfastWhen the food arrived I didn’t spot it at first, I was too busy looking at what was on my plate to notice. There was a considerable size difference between D’s child’s pancake and V’s plate. The difference being that V has a solitary pancake with her bananas and chocolate sauce, whereas D had a larger plate of 3 pancakes, plus her bacon and maple syrup. “Odd”, I thought.

Given that Delilah would usually have the larger children’s meal if we went in an evening I didn’t think too much of it. But she failed to eat them all so V and G helped her. Then I began to question why she got what appeared to be an adult meal (when looking at other tables).

When the bill came I just paid it without looking properly. Time was running away and we need to get going. Plus, the waiter wasn’t the most approachable chap I’ve ever met in my life.

Was it ok to do it?

What appears to have happened is that even though I clear ordered two children’s pancakes, the waiter (or server as they prefer to call them) decided to instead supply a larger plate of food. Delilah is tall for her age and looks older than 9 but does that make it OK? Could he at least not have mentioned that the child’s portion is small and maybe she would want more?

It’s not about the extra £2 at all. I just can’t fathom why a server would do that without first checking with the parent. Of course, I am kicking myself for not asking at the time. I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood for a complaint! I have contacted Frankie & Benny’s about this, not for any monetary gain at all, but to point out where they could improve customer service and not encourage excessive eating.

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