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Making Plans During Lockdown

It’s so hard to do anything with all of this uncertainty, isn’t it? We know that life will one day return to normal. But, we also know that it might be a slow process and that things might not be exactly as they were until a COVID-19 vaccine has been found. Until then, we’re bound to be living with some kind of uncertainty. You might not know if you will be able to go on holiday later this year, never mind booking another. If you are working from home or furloughed, you might not know when you’ll be returning to your workplace, and it’s certainly not a great time to start looking for a career change or start your own business. You might not even know when your next online grocery shop will be possible. 

But, such uncertainty can be hard to bear. It may be affecting your mental health or causing tremendous anxiety and worry. 

Making plans may be difficult right now, but it can be a great way to boost your mood. Having things to look forward to gives you things to think about, and even if these plans are only very lightly pencilled in, it could help. 

Think About Your Career

Your work is bound to have changed a lot. Even if you are working remotely, or still managing to go into work, things will be different. It’s a great time to think about how happy you are with your career. Do you miss it? Would you rather never go back? This isn’t the best time to look for a new job, but it could be a wonderful time to start thinking about the job that you want, and whether you are happy with the one that you’ve got. It could also be an excellent time to explore and compare the courses that George Washington University offers. 

Access Your Finances

Money might be your primary concern right now. People that have been furloughed are worried that they may not have a job to go back to, and trying to cope with a 20% payout, and many self-employed people or small business owners are unfortunately falling through the cracks in government support. 

These financial worries make this the best time to access your finances and think more deeply about your expenditure. Make cutbacks to help if you need it now, but also to help you to get into better financial habits in the future. 

Make Plans But Avoid Bookings

There’s nothing to stop you thinking about all of the places that you want to go when all of this is over. You could even look at some holidays and spend time creating a dream trip—just hold-off on booking until there’s a little more certainty. 

Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Another good thing to do is make some plans of things that you want to do with friends and family when we’re allowed contact with the outside world again. Talk about things that you’ll do and pencil in some plans for the future.

Write a List with Your Kids

Your kids have probably got plenty of places that they’d love to go to. Sit down together and write a list, and make them some promises for the future. 

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