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Mist on the Weir (My Sunday Photo)

When you call yourself a photographer, which I do, there are often shots you want to capture one day. Maybe it’s a scene that you know well but visualize it under certain conditions. I have many of these thoughts, but pulling of these shots is hard than it may seem. Sometime you can work at it and that pays off, and other time you just get lucky. I got luck with Mist of the Weir.

The weir at Keldholme, near Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire, sits on one of my regular dog walk and running routes. I’ve seen it in all seasons and weathers and I’ve captured many a photograph of it over the years. But, I’ve always imagined a shot of it with the mist rising off the water and the sun cutting through the trees. If the shot were to come close to perfection for me then I would also want light rays filter through the scene too and capture those sepia tones. It’s a lot to ask.

But, I take my camera out all the time and I capture shots all the time. I got lucky on a recent walk with the family and the dogs. But I nearly missed it. I nearly dismissed the opportunity as just another shot of the weir that never leaves my computer hard drive. Then I saw it. I saw the mist, the sunlight and the tones. So, I got into position and snapped. In the end I took one single image only – I knew I had what I desired.

I capture this shot right at the start of our walk. I actually forgot about it as we enjoyed playing with the dogs in the river and squelching through the mud. But once home and the images were transferred to the computer I fired up Adobe Lightroom with anticipation. With a little editing I had what I had seen in my minds eye all that time. I had the shot of the weir I had always wanted.

My story doesn’t quite compare the that of Scot Bourne and his Cranes in the Fire Mist image he worked at for more than 12 years, but the principle is the same.

Technical details

  • Camera: Canon EOS M50
  • Lens: Canon EF-M 15-45mm
  • Exposure:
    • 1/400 sec
    • f/8.0
    • ISO100
    • 15mm
  • Editing software: Adobe Lightroom CC

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18 thoughts on “Mist on the Weir (My Sunday Photo)”

  1. What a beautiful light and thank goodness you did get your camera out! There’s a golf course near me that I drive past all the time in different light conditions. I’ve never been able to get the shot I’ve really wanted but I know I will one day.

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