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Start Running And Never Stop Running

There’s no real secret to running. Rather, the difficulty that most people find when they start is that they don’t know how to keep it up. At the start, it’s uncomfortable and without the right motivation and preparation that discomfort can easily overshadow the potential lifestyle benefits that come with it. So, we’re going to take a look at how to start running and how to make sure you don’t stop after you have started.

Make sure you’re prepared

You know how to put one foot ahead of the other, but you might not be best prepared for the toll that running can take. Without the right running gear, including the right running shoes, discomfort can take hold much sooner and you can leave yourself at great risk of injury. Similarly, it’s essential that you stretch before and after, and give yourself the right post-run feed to ensure that your body is able to recover all the more easily from the exercise. If you think it’s as simple as running and stopping, you make the chances of injury all the higher.

Start small but aim big

Don’t aim for a 5k run as soon as you start. Run for fifteen minutes, slowing as much as you need to, so long as you keep progressing towards that goal. As you acclimate, you can start to move onto bigger targets. Marathon training is a great way to scale your running goals over time. You have the motivation of competing in a marathon to act as your guiding principle, but it takes into account your start position and fitness level, helping to measure out progress over time rather than expecting you to do it all right now.

Keep it fresh

When you’re starting to get used to it, boredom can start to set in. You’re more likely to focus on your physical exertion if you’re growing bored. For that reason, it’s important to keep running engaging or fun to some extent. Running apps can help you find new routes and track your time against other runners. Music can be phenomenally helpful in making it easier to ignore that physical exhaustion, as well. Perhaps better than all else is finding a running mate to keep you accountable and provide some company.

Find the right reward

Know your motivation, why you want to run, and the physical changes you want to see. Having those long-term goals can help you keep your eye on the prize, to put it simply. But you can make it easier to keep up the habit by implementing more immediate rewards as well. Don’t make the mistake of rewarding healthy behaviours with unhealthy treats. Give yourself a tasty (but still very beneficial) post-run smoothie or invest in new running shoes when you reach a goal of yours.

Finding your motivation, ensuring you’re prepared for the run, building towards your long-term progress, and keeping things interesting can all make it a lot easier to turn running into a habit that lasts you a lifetime.

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