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Once My Waste Is Collected, What Happens?

When it comes to your waste, we often turn a blind eye as it gets whisked away by the collection staff who help keep these things in order. Understanding more about the process gives us a deeper insight into how everything works as well as our impact on recycling.

Knowing the process is great if you are clearing out a large amount of rubbish. If you are doing some renovation and moving home, for example, there is a good chance you will need to hire a skip. If you are on the hunt for a reliable skip provider, try Bins Skips Waste and Recycling for a skip bin hire on the Sunshine Coast. This way you can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about getting rid of the waste.

What Happens To My Waste After It Has Been Picked Up?

Once My Waste Is Collected, What Happens? | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
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If you were to follow your bin to the next stage of the process and see the end result, you may be surprised about what you learn. Here is the process of what happens to your waste after it gets collected.

  1. Paper and Card are sorted by a materials recovery centre and these are recycled into new papers, newspapers and products that need cardboard.
  2. Bottles are separated and taken to a recycling facility for plastic. This is then used to create new items such as containers, furniture and stationery.
  3. Cans are then sorted so that aluminium cans can be reclaimed and recycled.
  4. Glass is taken and gets melted in a process that makes brand new glass bottles, containers and jars. This may be gathered and used in the country or used for exporting purposes.
  5. Clothes and materials are also recycled and often get used again by local charities. They are sorted and sent to different countries and charities in need of this resource.
  6. Other items are sorted – things such as shoes, videos, electrics and CD’s are also sorted and separated.  They may be recycled for similar purposes or taken to charities.

Where Does It All Go?

Once My Waste Is Collected, What Happens? | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Image Source: Unsplash

Garbage that you throw out and isn’t recyclable will go to landfill. These landfill sites are then sorted by ploughing the rubbish into the soil and allowing it to decompose. This is done through a process that uses methane and other gases to help the process.

Moreover, the process is used to help us produce energy in other areas whilst minimising our reliance upon precious fossil fuels. This energy might be used to power electricity of millions of homes across the country so it is crucial to everyday life.

As you can see, what happens after your rubbish is collected is an important process and valuable to how we live as humans.

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