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There’s nothing better than quality daddy daughter time. As your little daughters grow, the time you’ll be able to spend with them will gradually decrease. Before you know it they’ll be going through the troublesome teenage phase where dads are seen as the most uncool people on the planet, despite you maybe thinking you’re captain cool pants. It is unavoidable, and something all parents will go through, not just dads. So whilst you still can, it is important to get in enough quality daddy daughter time as possible. We’ve got some great ways of doing this that we think you’ll love. Just read on to find out more.

Days Out

Days out are just the perfect way of spending time with your little princesses, but more importantly, your whole family. It just switches things up from the norm of staying in. We understand it isn’t always possible to be out and about doing things, but when you can, we’ve got some perfect ideas. There should be plenty of local family days out, but one we love the idea of is an open air cinema. This is something we think will be perfect for the whole family. If it is a nice sunny evening, there’s something just so special about you all cuddled up under a blanket, picnic by your side, with a classic movie on the screen. It should be easy enough to find a disney one showing. We like this idea because cinemas are just a no go for young kids. There’s no noise allowed, and the rules about running around are very strict. But with an open air cinema, there’s a bit more freedom. It doesn’t matter if they lose concentration and want to start playing a bit, they’re out in the open after all! Another idea is an arts and crafts center. It is something different that the usual play center you might first go for, and it helps to bring out your child’s imagination.

Cosy Nights In

Whilst getting out and about is fun, there’s often nothing better than the cosy family night’s in on a weekend. Snuggling up on the sofa with a good film on just can’t be beat. But if you want to make it extra fun, you’re going to have to bring out your childish side. Turn the living room into a fort, with the TV on show under it. Fill the inside with pillows and duvets and your kids will go absolutely nuts. We guarantee you’ll have fun as well! Play is also so important if you want to build that strong bond with your daughter. Even if you don’t have the first clue about what you’re doing, grab a doll and start to interact with them and their imagination. It’ll just make them so happy to know their daddy is playing with them. At the end of the night, try and always read a little story to them to help them fall asleep. It is the final bonding session of the night, and reading to your children has been proven to help their vocabulary and imagination.

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  1. It can get quite tiring sometimes, but it’s good to develop a good relationship with children. Not only is it rewarding for you all, it also builds reserves for the inevitable conflict of the teenage years.

  2. Loving this mate, I have four daughters and interacting with them is so much fun great read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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