Questions About Tea That Maybe You’ve Never Thought Of Asking!

You can’t drink litres of it a day, but it can be beneficial to your health – and that is…tea.  In addition to theine which can lower iron levels, it is an acidifier and it contains fluoride, so it is not recommended to drink too much during the day. It is considered that 5 cups per day allow you to take advantage of the maximum benefits of tea without posing a problem but there are plenty of types of tea out there. All of which have totally different benefits. 

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What can a child drink?

As we have seen, it is not recommended to give tea to children. On the other hand, there is no known problem with rooibos or decaffeinated tea! If you do give it to your children, however, avoid drinking it with a meal, as polyphenols bind to iron from food and prevent it from being absorbed. You can also add milk or lemon to saturate the iron ions which can then still be absorbed. However, in moderation, an English breakfast tea will do no harm to your child. 

Is tea good for you?

Yes and yes again! To be convinced, discover the virtues of green tea for yourself!

Does tea prevent cancer?

Tea is good for health and contributes to a healthy lifestyle that can lead to cancer prevention. Does it alone prevent cancer? No, however, all the best preventions for disease often begin with the diet we choose. 

Does tea contain fluoride?

Yes. Moreover, we must be wary of fluoride which can have serious long-term consequences: joint pain, muscle pain, osteoporosis, etc. It is the low-end that contains the most (up to 8 times more than the high-end), so avoid consuming too much. So choose quality teas, or white teas. 

When should you drink your tea?

In general, you can drink it all the time except in two cases: in the evening for people sensitive to caffeine or people “at risk” (pregnant women, children, women on contraceptives, etc.). During meals: because it prevents the absorption of iron. For men and postmenopausal women who need less iron, this is not a problem.

What is the difference between caffeine and theine?

Absolutely none! It is the same molecule. However, its action is different in tea and in coffee: in coffee it passes quickly into the blood, while the absorption of caffeine in tea is slower. The stimulating effect will be longer and more diffuse than in coffee. Most teas have caffeine in, even the fabulous bubble tea – so make sure you opt for what is right for you. Choose a good bubble tea supplier

Is tea good for the heart?

Yes. Its protective effect comes from its antioxidant content (flavonoid) which is also found in red wine.

Does tea make your stomach hurt?

Yes and no. It is true that it can promote heartburn, because caffeine promotes the relaxation of the esophageal sphincter, which increases the risk of reflux or acid reflux in the stomach. This effect is quite anecdotal, in general, no, tea does not make your stomach hurt.

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