Restaurant At Home: The Perfect Date Idea For Busy Parents

Going out to eat at a restaurant is a luxury for parents. When you have a million things to do around the house, all while trying to sort the kids out, finding the time to book into a restaurant is so hard. Even if you can find somebody to look after the kids for you, it sometimes feels like so much effort to get dressed up and go out when all you really want to do is sit down and have a bit of peace and quiet. 

But if you are planning an anniversary or a monthly date night, you might feel obliged to book a table somewhere. However, there is another way. Remember, the important thing is spending time together, so why not recreate the restaurant experience at home instead? In some ways, it’s even more special than going out and you still get that quality time together. Follow this step by step guide and you can create your very own restaurant at home. 

Decorate Your Table

The food is obviously important, but the way that the table is decorated and laid out is all part of the experience. You can get some nice restaurant tablecloths from Richard Haworth if you really want to push the boat out. Make some centrepieces for the table and get some candles too. If you don’t already have some fancy plates and cutlery, consider investing in some for your special night. If you decorate the table nicely, it immediately elevates your meal to a new level and creates that unique restaurant feel. 

Deciding On Food 

There are a few different options when deciding on food. If you want the true restaurant experience, that means not having to cook. So, pick your favourite takeaway and order in from there. However, if you want a fancy restaurant experience, plating up your normal order from the Chinese takeaway around the corner doesn’t quite cut it. 

Instead, you might decide to buy ingredients and find some recipes online for fine dining dishes. Cooking something new and exciting can be a great way for the two of you to bond. But, for some people, this sounds too much like hard work when they’re supposed to be having a night off. 

The third option is to buy cook-a-home boxes from a restaurant. These became very popular during the pandemic and a lot of places are continuing to do them. You get all of the ingredients to cook your favourite restaurant meals and even though there is a bit of cooking involved, it’s much easier than cooking from scratch. 

Dress The Part 

Even though you are only at home, you should still make an effort and dress the part. You don’t necessarily have to bring out a fancy suit, but dress as you normally would if you were going out to a nice restaurant. This really helps bring the whole experience together and makes you feel like you’re out at a restaurant. 

If you are a busy parent and it seems impossible to find the time for a date night, why not try recreating the restaurant experience at home instead?

Title image: Source – Pixabay CCO License

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