Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 1 – Wednesday

After my exploits on Snowdon the previous night I was expecting to wake up feeling broken. I was pleasantly surprised not to but still opted to save my run for later in the day.

It rained all day as I was in the office exercising my brain. It was a welcome distraction from my failure to reach the summit of Snowdon, but my boss agreed with me that the best decision was to turn back when I did.

I left the office at 6:30 pm (earlier than is usual when I am working here) and headed back to the hotel. I couldn’t get a table in the restaurant but was told I could eat in the bar – which I much preferred. Checking what time they served food until I knew I had time for a run and shower first.

A simple 5-mile route out along Llyn Padarn and back along the road to my hotel is what I’d planned. It was raining heavily but I didn’t mind – it was refreshing.

On my training plan, I had 90 minutes at a steady pace, but I didn’t have time to fit that in. I always knew that I would have to compromise when travelling for work. I got in a steady 30+ minutes, though my watch managed to pause itself once again so the mileage is out.

I was soaked when I got back but happy. It’s been a while since I’ve run in the rain.

Given my struggles to sleep the previous night, I ate a 12″ pizza and fries in the bar, washed down with a pint of San Miguel and hit the sack and watched a bit of Guy Martin.

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