Running Diary 2018 – Week 4

Distance this week: 10.0km
Number of runs this week: 2
Distance to goal: 1960.1km

Well I ran, that’s the main thing!

Monday morning and I was out early and ready to start the week with a good run. Except this was where it all went a bit wrong for the week really.

You see, my left knee had been giving me a bit of gip (you know, nagging pain) but nothing that I couldn’t handle. But the rheumatoid arthritis fairy in the back of my head (or immune system) was giving me hell that it was that. I needed to rest if for a few days to let it clear up and reassure myself it was just a running injury – most likely picked up running on the ice and snow.

It wasn’t clearing up and I was starting to worry. I know that barring a medical breakthrough in RA that one day my body will likely succumb to it and I shall have to give up the sport I love. Part of me feels like I cheated myself as I was 31 when I discovered I love running and I could have been enjoying this for far longer. The knee was really nagging me.

Sunday came and despite being a bit busy with dance school PTA stuff I resolved I would run. And that I did. But first I decided to put on my old knee brace. That’s a challenge in itself with the STRONGEST Velcro I have ever encountered. The stuff sticks to anything fabric – but particularly carpet and it took come wrestling free to actually put it on. And then off I went to run.

The knee held up and I had a pretty good 5km run. Although I was in agony – not my knee, the damn brace. It was nipping and pinching my skin the whole time and it was both painful and annoying. But the knee held up and as I type this 12 hours later it’s not hurting at all. I think I’ll live to run another day.

That’s good, as I think I’ve been talked into the second head torch run in Dalby Forest in March!

Thanks for reading.

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