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How’s the Running Going, Dave?

In my real life – you know the one I live in person and not online – I am often asked how my running is going. It’s friends, acquaintances and sometimes people I might have seen around town but don’t actually know but they know me. I realised when I was asked this very question by […]

Running Diary 2018 – Week 5

Distance this week: 10.9km Number of runs this week: 2 Distance to goal: 1949.2km I started this week with a dogged determination that I would run and get rid of the knee injury. I was sure it was just an injury and maybe running it off was the way to beat it. So, with my knew […]

Running Diary 2018 – Week 4

Distance this week: 10.0km Number of runs this week: 2 Distance to goal: 1960.1km Well I ran, that’s the main thing! Monday morning and I was out early and ready to start the week with a good run. Except this was where it all went a bit wrong for the week really. You see, my left […]