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Running In Snow – 8 Top Tips

Running in snow needn’t be for hardcore runners – in fact, it’s fun and anyone can enjoy the experience. Although we might not get much snow here in the UK when we do I love to get out and run in it. So, here are my 8 top tips for running in the snow.

Top Tips For Running In Snow

1) Wear trail shoes

snow running trail shoes karrimor

Trail shoes will give you extra stability and traction in the snow. They don’t have to be the latest Solomans costing hundreds, I’m currently using Karrimor Tempo 4 Trail running shoes that I got from Sports Direct for Β£30. To be honest they’re really great for off-road running and also running in the snow. Alternatively, you could attach something like the Yak Trax grippers to your regular road shoes.

2) Choose fresh snow

running in snow fresh powder

Packed snow or snow over ice can be nasty to run on, even wearing trail shoes. I choose to run in the fresh power to reduce the chances of slipping. Watch out for what the snow could be hiding though, such as cracks or potholes.

3) Shorten your stride

To run more efficiently and reduce the risk of slipping or falling shorten your running stride and keep your feet lower to the ground. This can also reduce the chances of straining your muscles or other injuries.

4) Slow down

You are not going to get a PB (personal best) when running in the snow, so don’t try. Focus on getting in a solid run safely than risk getting hurt by speeding up. You will actually be working much harder when running in the snow anyway, so don’t worry about the mileage either.

5) It’s okay to walk

Why risk slipping and getting hurt, so when in doubt, walk through an icy stretch. I get really frustrated when I can’t run through injury and knowing it was preventable makes that feeling worse.

6) Relax

running in snow enjoy the views

Focus on the road ahead and relax. Running in the snow can be a tranquil and soothing experience so enjoy it. Afterall, we don’t get that much snow in the UK really. Enjoy the views.

7) Layers like an onion

running in snow layer up

Rather than wearing one or two thick running tops try layering up. I tend to wear running tights (or leggings) with 2-in-1 shorts on my bottom have. On the top I wear a long sleeved base layer, a long sleeve winter running top (with 1/4 zip) and a shower-proof wind-breaker jacket. A hat, gloves and buff are a must.

8) Recovery

running in snow stretch recovery

It’s possible you will be sore in muscles you didn’t even know you have. Your stabilizing muscles on the inner and outer legs work twice as hard as they work to keep you upright when running in snow and ice. Try to do some full body flexibility exercises and ease your way into snow running.

If you have any other tips for running in the snow please do drop them in the comments below.

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