Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 2 – Wednesday

Oh, those DOMs! My legs are starting to really feel that I am properly training now. It’s a good thing – I just keep telling myself this. Today I knew I was just going to go for a steady run, but maybe I should have checked my plan first.

I thought I was meant to do a 60-minute steady run and that’s what I set out to do and that’s what I did. However, my plan actually said 90-minutes so I’m not sure whether to go top-up this run later or not.

The dogs came with me today and they really enjoyed the trails. Getting out early means we avoid other people and they can run free of the lead for the most part.

I had another technical failure though on this run. When I stopped my watch at the end I didn’t do anything different to normal. But when I came to synchronise my watch with Strava the run was not there. Had I somehow deleted it instead of stopping it? I don’t think I did.

So, I mapped out the route on Strava and downloaded the GPX file. I then uploaded this file to gotoes.org where you can add timestamps to the file. I know what time I set off and what time I got back so it was a pretty straightforward process. I then downloaded this new GPX file and uploaded that to Strava. It’s a bit of a palarva really and maybe I should have just logged a manual activity, but I feel better knowing it’s logged properly.

There was a funny moment on this run when we came to a still that was not dog-friendly. With no gap for them to step through and no lifting dog gate, there was little choice but for them to jump over. Duke has no issue with this and made light work of the fence. Bear, however, just didn’t know what to do at all. Eventually, he got the idea and made it over with plenty of encouragement from me.

One way to ensure I do have a steady run when that is what is called for is to take more photos than the usual single selfie.

As my route took me into Gillamoor I couldn’t resist a little diversion to take in the view of the North York Moors from ‘surprise view’.

‘Surprise view’ – Gillamoor

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