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How’s the Running Going, Dave?

In my real life – you know the one I live in person and not online – I am often asked how my running is going. It’s friends, acquaintances and sometimes people I might have seen around town but don’t actually know but they know me. I realised when I was asked this very question by a colleague this morning that I have neglected to keep my running diary going on this blog. So, here’s how my running is going…

The Knee

Regular readers of the blog (if there is such a thing) will know all about my knee. If you don’t then you might want to check out Nervous About Seeing The Doctor or maybe Runners Kneesup for the low down. But if you can’t be bothered to click on those links (and who could blame you?) then here’s a little recap.

My knee developed a pain that wouldn’t go away. It hurt. Running hurt. Walking hurt. I went to the doctor, he referred me to physio. I went to the physiotherapist for a month or so. She gave me exercises, I did them. It still hurt. I went to an osteopath, he hurt me (a lot). I felt better. The knee started to feel better. My osteopath helped some more.

Running Replacement

I decided I had to stop running to give my knee the best chance of recovery. That hurt. But I forced myself. However, we have two dogs who love long walks (or were at least used to running with me). So I started putting in some good walks with them. I enjoyed it. It gave me the chance to take in the scenery and where I was walking, which I don’t do when I am running those same trails. It also gave me the chance to waffle on in my Instagram Stories too!

But walking didn’t quite hit the same spot as running did. I missed running.

Back At It

This week I resolved to get back out there. I had tried a few easy jogs in the past weeks but nothing major.

So far this week I have run every day from Tuesday to Friday. I’ve run almost 18km, alternating pavement runs with trails (off road). My knee is feeling great and I am feeling great. It has dramatically improved my mood and I am feeling the benefit massively.

I am still building up though. I am still in my rehabilitation phase and I am not pushing very hard. This is easy running. I am concentrating on form (knees up, footfall under the body, arms parallel, thumbs to ears, chin in, shoulders back). As you can see from the photo both Duke and I are loving it – and why wouldn’t we?

If you want to follow my running then you can find me on Strava! You could also follow me on Instagram too to stay up to date.


🏃ANOTHER EARLY START🏃 A 5am alarm can be a bit of a pain but I have to work training around the family and other commitments. So a 5am alarm it has to be at the moment. Went a bit further today but got off the tarmac to give me legs a slightly softer surface. It was a bit breezy and drizzly and at first I thought I cocked up with just wearing a t-shirt but all was OK. More important that distance was the fact I have run back-to-back days for a long time. The knee feels a bit stiff but that eased after some stretching. Here’s to a long ass day!! 😂💪👊 ⚬ ⚬ ⚬ ⚬ ⚬ #run #running #runner #runforlife #runtastic #runningwithdogs #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #getoutdoors #activelife #justdoit #worldrunners #healthy #lifestyle #runforlife #runhappy #runningdad #runnerspace #happy #gorun #runtoinspire #fitness #recovery #rehab

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