Running Dad Diaries: A Runner Who Doesn’t Run

There’s been a distinct lack of running related content on the blog for the past couple of months. There’s a good reason for this. I haven’t been running!

Call yourself a runner? You don’t run any more!

Can I still call myself a runner if I am not running?

Well yes, I can.

I am still a runner and I desperately WANT to be out there running. However, an injury has got the better of me, and I only have myself to blame.

It’s my heel you see and it all stems from my 10k a day week at the end of April and start of May.

Overdoing it

You may remember that in the week leading up to the Kirkbymoorside 10K I decided to run the route every day that week as a personal challenge. You may also remember reading that I was pushing hard to get a faster time each day too. But, I was doing this knowing there was a niggling pain in my foot.

The pain was specifically at the back of my heal where the Achilles tendon attached to the bone. It was mild discomfort and once I was running it seems to ease off and I forgot about it.

However, it got worse and making it round the 10k on the 7th and final day was hard work. Then I spent the day on my feet race directing the 10K itself.

There’s not two way about it – I overdid it.

The pain that won’t subside

I managed a run a few days later but the pain never went away. I have a rule that if it’s a pint rather than just soreness then I need to stop. So I did.

But the dogs still need walking and life goes on. I’m not a professional athlete with sponsorship money to keep me going, so I was (and still am) walking around on it.

Walking the dogs, with the support of my Meindl walking boots have just about kept me sane. Adding to that lighting the fire that is photography again and I have both the physical exercise and mental exercise that I need on a daily basis.

The pain is still there. Some days it’s worse than others, especially if I’ve been driving as my it’s my right foot and thus it’s resting on the heel all the time.

I tried to go for a run last week and managed only a few hundred meters before I reluctantly limped home again.

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Walking has become my main form of exercise

Calling the doctor

It could be linked to my rheumatoid arthritis or not. I just don’t know.

I don’t like to bother my GP with every ailment but this one has reached a point where it refuses to clear up. So, I booked a doctors appointment.

Using my GP’s online booking system I was able to pick an appointment a few weeks in the future so that if it clears up sufficiently I’d be able to cancel it. The appointment is now a week away and the pain is still present but does feel to be getting better. Given my arthritis seems to be flaring at the moment anyway I’ll be keeping the appointment.

Keeping my chin up

I LOVE running. Not being able to run is a horrible feeling. It’s made worse when I see people out running.

At this time of year, I would be out running the trails and pathways and having a great time with Duke. Walking and photography are a good substitute, but it’s not the same.

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