Take the Opportunity

I am writing this post (or at least starting it) sat in our local park. The girls are enjoying some of this lovely Yorkshire sunshine we are having at the moment and it’s lovely to just watch them having fun.

This park is like many others around the country. It’s nothing special to the average person. There are lots of wooden play equipment, a tyre swing, skate park (okay that’s a bit special) and a half basketball court. It’s location in our little market town in North Yorkshire is beautiful. As I type all I can hear is the sound of children having fun and the birds tweeting. Okay, maybe a little traffic going by but I’m ignoring that.

Special to Me

This park, however, is very special to me. You see, around four years ago we were sat in this very park. It was, like today, a hot and sunny. It was a Friday, also like today. Then though it was in the early afternoon and we were the only ones here. We had just visited the local primary school to have a look around with the girls. This is because we were visiting the town, for only the second time as a family, to decide on our move here.

After the school visit, we grabbed some lunch and looked for something to do. As we tried to leave the town I took a wrong turn and we found this place. This was the deal clincher for us. Forget the new job for a great company. Forget moving to a nice new house. Forget the great schools. Forget the quiet rural location. No, having a place like this on our doorstep was what sealed it for us. Not so much that it had a park, but it was the tipping point that made this town so appealing to us.

The Opportunity

Almost four years have passed since that day. Whenever we come to this park, rain or shine, I think about that moment in our lives when it all changed. So much has happened since and I look back with pride at how our girls dealt with the upheaval of a sudden move away from all they had ever known. I look back and realise we made the right decision. I wouldn’t be human if I hadn’t had even the slightest of doubts about the move.

If you suddenly find yourself with an opportunity that seems like a great thing, don’t doubt it and go for it. Be brave, everything will be fine. There is very little in this world that can’t be undone. Have that sense of conviction to take that chance and go for it. I did and it’s the best thing we ever did!

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