The Easiest Pets For Busy Families

Have the children been mithering you to get a family pet? You might be worried that there is no time to look after them. The good news or not-so-good news is that there are animals out there that make great pets. They require very little maintenance and simply need a chat and some attention which the kids would be great with. Having a pet is a wonderful way to teach your children about responsibility when it comes to owning a pet. 

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This is the most common pet that parents get for their children. There is a reason for this, they are small and don’t require much maintenance or space. However, there are requirements for cage sizes, so be sure to check this out before you purchase one. Hamsters are also mainly nocturnal so be aware that if the cage is in your child’s bedroom then they may hear some noises coming from the cage during the night. 

Hamsters love cuddles, be careful of their teeth though. They need to have fresh water and food every couple of days which the kids will enjoy doing. They also need to be cleaned out every week or two. 


Another great starter pet is a fish or several fish. Some fish like to be kept in groups bigger than six so make sure you do your research before heading to the aquatic store. There are many great fish tanks for children and all the fish needs are food and cleaning out when the water gets a bit grimy. This is simple, grab the fish with a net and place them in a bucket of water while you clean out their tank. Get the kids involved and teach them why the fish tank needs cleaning. They are great to look at as well, fish can be very entertaining if you get the right ones. 


Birds are fantastic when it comes to owning pets. If you get two it can be twice as entertaining and they will keep each other company. Make sure that the bird you are thinking about getting is compatible with a friend in their cage. Take a parrot, for example, they will provide endless hours of chatting and making the kids laugh. Be careful what you say around them though, as they will repeat it. 

Birds can live for up to 50 years sometimes but the talk of what will happen when they pass away is necessary. You can get some beautiful urns for birds if you look online. This is a fantastic way to remember your bird forever. 


Finally, this one might seem like a big task but rabbits are in fact one of the easiest pets to look after for families. Both kids and adults alike enjoy watching the bunnies hop around and waggle their noses as they sniff their surroundings. In terms of maintenance, bunnies need clearing out every week or two. They should be given fresh hay, food, and greens to munch on each day. Rabbits like to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun, if you are keeping rabbits outside be aware of dangers such as predators. 

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