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Thinking About Laminate Flooring

When you rent a house you generally have very little say in what is laid on the floor – carpet, tiles or wood. We’re in this position and we’ve been in our current home for almost 6 years now. The house was a new build in 2011 and it’s getting tired now. So, I’m thinking about the flooring on the ground floor.

Of course, I can only think about it. Persuading our landlord to invest in the property is a different matter. But we have a good relationship and as tenants, we’ve given them no issues since we’ve lived here. I remain hopeful that we can get some updates to the house.

Our house is split over 3 levels; on the top, there are two bedrooms plus bathroom, in the middle, there’s a bedroom, bathroom and living room, and on the bottom the study, kitchen and dining room.

The ground floor has always bothered me a little. You enter at the front door to a tiled hallway. This continues into the kitchen which then joins the open-plan dining area. But the dining area is carpet. A creamy kind of light-brown carpet. The same carpet that adorns the stairs, 1st and 2nd-floor rooms.

The floor plan of our ground floor – no a lot of natural light

Carpet in a dining room is a sin in my book. But as this room also doubles as a living space that leads to the garden through patio doors, it’s just mind-boggling why it was ever carpeted.

It’s crying out for a wooden floor. Or laminate at the very least. I’ve been checking out laminate flooring on the internet. There’s an astonishing variety to choose from these days that would suit any budget.

Most people think of traditional wood colours when they think about laminate flooring. But I would like to go for something a little different. Maybe something in a grey colour.

Even with the patio-door bay window areas, there’s not a lot of light entering the room. Our garden banks steeply and there’s a big blossom tree at the back that blocks a lot of the light. Having a lighter flooring would help brighten the room.

The more I think about a lighter coloured laminate floor the more I think that it would really compliment the tiles from the kitchen and hallway. The walls in the dining room are white so it would give it a contemporary feel but without being cold.

I like to think that my DIY skills are above average and I can turn my hand to most skills. While paying a tradesperson to fit the flooring would be preferable, I might be able to persuade our landlord to invest if I can save them money by fitting it myself. It’s certainly a skill I’ve gained from previous experience.

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