I’m Going to be Treading the Boards in The Sound of Music

Regular readers may remember my post from July where I told the story of how I came to audition for The Sound of Music. Well, I’ve been sitting on some news about this for a while now and I am finally allowed to let you all know about it.

Yes, I got the part!

Hans Zeller The Sound of MusicThat might be something I might say if I actually went for a part at all. But as you would know if you read about the audition – I didn’t even mean to audition! I was simply trying to give my daughter some encouragement and moral support.

I auditioned with a group of ladies and sang (How Do You Solve a Problem Like) Maria. Even though I know Pickering Musical Society are short on men in the group I never expected my audition to lead to me being offered speaking part. I would have been happy to be told I was in the chorus playing an inconspicuous character at the back.

When I received the email offering me the small speaking role of Hans Zeller, plus the male chorus, I was gobsmacked. Little old me will be treading the boards at the Kirk Theatre in The Sound of Music!

What about the girls

So Delilah and Lydia both auditioned and they have both got parts too.

Delilah will be playing the role of Gretl – they youngest of the Von Trapp children. This made us giggle a little given that Gretl is meant to be 5 years old, yet Delilah will be gone 10 and a half by the time the production run comes around.

Lydia was in a tough position as her age and mature look meant that she was only really going to be considered for the role of Liesl, the eldest of the Von Trapp children at 16 years old. She didn’t get that part, but will be playing the role of the young postulate and will also be in the chorus. 

They are both really happy to have got parts and are excited about the challenge, as am I.

Helen and I are immensely proud of the both of them for auditioning and getting roles. I can’t wait to be a part of this with them.

The up and downside to getting in

The only downside to me getting a part in the production is that I won’t be able to sit in the audience and watch my girls up on the stage. But the upside is that I shall be able to experience the backstage buzz with them instead.

Another upside is that family have all said they’re going to come up and see the show. At least that’s a few tickets sold there!

Excited but nervous

I have to admit to a long-held dream of being on stage. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but shied away from. Even at school, I prefered to be the lighting or sound technician, rather than be on stage. But I can remember a particular production of Grease where I was jealous of those on stage as I controlled the lights from the side.

I’m excited to be doing this. I hope this becomes something that I can really get into, and who knows, I might even turn up in the 2020 panto too!

Blogging it

I will, of course, be blogging this experience and bring you updates about the shows progress. We don’t start rehearsals until late January so there won’t be anything until then. 

The Sound of Music, by Pickering Musical Society, will run in May 2019 at the Kirk Theatre. I’ll bring you details of the tickets when I have them.

Thanks for reading.


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