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Typical Dad Moans & Groans

Becoming a dad is an acquired skill. It isn’t something we feel we’re born to do naturally. Some of you will be far more prepared for the dad life than others. You might have known from a young age that you wanted to one day become a dad. Or you might have been thrown into the situation, and quickly had to step up to the mark. However you ended up becoming the dad you are today, you will share some common moans and groans with the rest of us. It’s as though becoming a dad gives us the power to moan and get away with it, and that’s what we love to do. But should we honestly be moaning as much as we are. Are we moaning because we’re genuinely unhappy with the way that we’re living our lives, or are we moaning because we just love a good moan. Well, we’re going to talk about the moans that definitely aren’t good, and are a strong indication of something going wrong. Keep on reading to define whether you should be moaning about the things you’re moaning about. 

Aches & Pains

It seems as though you get to a certain age, and then you seem to be full of all these random aches and pains. It’s rare to find someone who isn’t riddled with pains they’re just plodding along with. But if your pain is caused by something more than just posture or age, then it needs to be seen to. Often as men we injure ourselves when doing something, and be a true man and ignore it. So it might be worth checking yourself into the doctors, and see if you need some form of treatment. Often aches and pains that occur because of injury aren’t just going to go away, and would benefit from some form of physiotherapy. Your doctor might refer you for this, but if they don’t you can simply take yourself to a private clinic. They may then refer you onwards, perhaps to a chiropractor or something similar.

Being A Money Tree

Us dads love to say this. We get asked for the slightest bit of money by our partners or children, and feel obliged to ask them whether they understand that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. But it does, and we in fact are the tree. But sometimes the financial burden of the man to supply is too much, and budgeting comes into plan. Don’t be afraid to make some cutbacks if you’re feeling the pressure, especially at this time of the year. Perhaps cut back on treats when shopping, going out on doing things, or giving out random bits of money when people ask you to.

Feeling Pressured

Feeling hot under the collar with pressure? You’re not alone. The burden for fathers extends far beyond being the provider. We have to be seen as being a good day. However, the view needs to change. We should be focusing on what suits us as a parenting style, and what makes us happy. Family life will mould around it, you have to still be able to be your own person.

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